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Guests come to visit the factory.

  Recently on the Internet met a foreign customer, thought it was a general enquiry, did not expect guests the next day to take the initiative to call about the time to come to the factory visit. Encountered such a guest, of course, to arrange a visit to the guests to see our production process will certainly be our strength, it is likely to be the next order, which is what we want.

  Arranged for a good time, the director with three guests to visit the factory, after the guests are very satisfied, we think we are very professional manufacturers. Guests such recognition, we are very pleased. Because in each production process, the parameters must meet the requirements of the drawings, and the staff of the measurement room to follow up testing, after forming in the three coordinates of the first test, retest, and finally pass the third party testing to the guests. The guests on the spot set several sets of gauges, and intends to cooperate with us on a new type of button.

  Did not expect to do so, mainly in our production process has been appreciated by the guests.


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